Resin-infusion for Sailrocket 3?

Resin-infusion for Sailrocket 3?

Resin-infusion for Sailrocket 3?

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It is with great interest that we hear of Paul Larsen’s next venture to commercialise the technical advances made during the 11 years of development of Sailrocket 2 by creating a fast cargo vessel capable of crossing the world’s oceans cleanly, efficiently & cost-effectively whilst also maintaining the speed gains the design work brings with it.

Independent Composites were proud to have been involved in the construction of the main foil for Sailrocket 2 (using resin-infusion) and her subsequently breaking the world outright sailing speed record with a 500m run measured at 65.45 knots (

One key point Paul identifies from the manufacturing of Sailrocket 2 components was the use of resin-infusion techniques to efficiently manufacture key structural components rapidly and more economically than other techniques (such as autoclaved pre-preg).  Let’s hope Independent Composites can help with the next stage in the Sailrocket journey.

Lou Reade’s article in Composites in Manufacturing – – covers the background to all of this.

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