About us

Independent Composites are a specialist company, able to utilise and put into practice a variety of manufacturing processes using our extensive knowledge of composite materials. From a background initially based in the marine market, building and modifying yachts for the Whitbread Round the World race; manufacture of carbon masts for Admiral's Cup, America's Cup and Round the World Maxi-Catamarans. Based in the Underfall Yard in Bristol from 2002, we have been applying the knowledge gained from previous years in a variety of new fields including tidal renewable energy and industrial prototypes.

  • Oil and Gas

    Production of CNC machined tooling for the oil and gas industry, from which 2-part matched casting moulds are produced. These are used to manufacture various cast polyurethane products, such as bend restrictors and bend stiffeners for worldwide use. Using a similar tooling production technique we also manufacture matched tooling for use in RTM (resin transfer…

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  • Marine

    New build boat, spar, foils and components, along with repairs and refurbishments. Fully equipped workshop with: • Multiple vacuum pumps • Laser levelling equipment • Vacuum tables capable for the production of large bulkheads, application of veneers, sizes including: 1120mm x 2340mm 1120mm x 4780mm 1120mm x 7220mm 2340mm x 2340mm 2340mm x 3560mm Situated…

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  • Prototypes

    From concept to completion. Working closely with clients from design concept sketches to manufacturing completion, we offer full support, including design team and composite engineering consultancy. Given our extensive background and cutting edge manufacturing capabilities, we are able undertake a vast array of challenges. We are great believers in “do it right the first time”,…

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